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The People of Save Del Puerto Canyon

We are a grassroots coalition of concerned community residents, and those who appreciate the canyon as a local natural, historical, and cultural resource. Our effort has become thousands strong. Our founding body is diverse and representative ranging from journalists, professors, real estate agents, teachers, parents, small business owners, and farmers. Essentially, SDPC is you. Prior to our involvement, the majority of Pattersonites were unaware of this project. It is our mission to accurately inform our friends and neighbors to serious issues that the multiple dams would cause. Any benefits are outweighed by the issues and concerns. Save DPC is not anti-dam. We are farmer-friendly, and are versed in understanding the essentiality of recharging aquifers. We are open to a wide variety of water conservation methods. 

This project is not one of them. Scroll down to see how you can get involved. 

Save Del Puerto Canyon Founding Members: Shivaugn Alves, Dave Keller, Minda Nunez, Elias Funez

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