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The Community

Patterson California is located in the Central Valley, on the western edge of Stanislaus County bordering the Diablo Mountain range and I-5. It is home to 25,000 people. As of the last census, sixty-five percent of the population is Hispanic, with twenty percent White. It is a recognized disadvantaged community per CalEnviroScreen. Over the past several decades Patterson has seen much growth due to proximity to the Bay Area. The local economy has expanded from agriculture to include a number of large distribution warehouse centers (Amazon, Kohls, Granger, etc), among other businesses. 

The Context

The Del Puerto Canyon Reservoir Project was formally introduced to the community of Patterson in the summer of 2019 by the Del Puerto Water District and the Water Exchange Contractors ("Partners"). By the time public comment was due regarding the draft Environmental Impact Review (dEIR) no community outreach had been made in Spanish and two of three meetings were held during working hours. City of Patterson leadership remained silent on the issue. 

After pressure from Save Del Puerto Canyon, ("SDPC"), the Partners met with city leadership during a special meeting in February. A "FAQ" sheet was also provided. Although these measures were in the right vein, SDPC notes inaccuracies and glaring omissions within the information provided to the community. 

The project is not a "done deal". There are several steps prior to the final authorization of this project, and we intend to continue opposition. 

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