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Get Involved!

Help us spread the word.  Here are copies

of some of our flyers and mailers (click here).  Please read them, take a look at these speaking points and share them with others!

Help us clean up clean up trash that's been dumped in Del Puerto Canyon!  Meetings every third Saturday of the month at 9am at 3300 Del Puerto Canyon Rd.

Contact our state represenatives, state and federal officials involved in discussions about funding DPR, and other state and federal public figures to let them know about our concerns!

Contact our local officials in Patterson and Del Puerto Water District to let them know about our concerns!  Contact info for the city council:

Contact info for DPWD:

Stay Tuned for Opportunities to go BioBlizting and help us learn more about the plants and animals that live in Del Puerto!

Subscribe to our mailing list and check out our blog for updates on the cleanups, opportunities for public comments at city, county, and water agency board meetings, and more!

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